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Industry dynamic

Clothing design elements

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The first is the principle of clothes designed expressly targeted: for different industries, different companies in the same industry, the same company in different positions,The same position different identities, gender and so on. Design targeted at different points summed Why do people wear, wearing time, wearing place, why wear, what to wear.
What people wear, in a narrow sense means within a predetermined time to serve their own place to go to work or engage in official activities of some people, in a broad sense refers to a part of the consumer group is divided more uncertain after. This "man" appears as a group on the overalls. A part of. A class of its operating characteristics. Individual and group style. Physical and psychological needs. Political and economic status. Literacy, etc. As for the specific design requirements and different. Time and place is the professional environment and small environmental factors, time has seasons, day and night do not, the place is as small regional environment of the environment and specific work time.


Apart from a few expensive clothes, such as a specific ceremonial clothing. Special clothes, most are required to have a reasonable price-performance ratio, that is the choice of fabric and design quality. Style complexity. Integrated production process compared to other aspects of the difficulty.
Under the same premise of beauty and function, designed to minimize the cost of uniforms, from the viewpoint of design, materials, production difficulty, clothing and other fine structures place.


Aesthetic apparel overalls is determined by the spiritual commonality. Work clothes because of convenience production. In the production process is particularly important aesthetic.


Clothes according to their own company, the selected style fabrics such as: construction companies, should wear fabric selection; electronics companies should use anti-static fabric.
Overalls should be selected in customizing fabrics, selected for their clothing company, in order to achieve the best is practical.

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