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The advantages of different work clothes material

Different materials, in the production process and production requirements are different, different occasions, the dress is different, we have to introduce several different styles of different fabrics.



Welcome to our customers to visit our company!

July 16, 2017 afternoon, the Chilean customers tirelessly to my Shield visit, my company Song manager led to visit the technical production workshop.



Insulated safety shoes(1)

Insulation safety shoes (boots) role is to make the body and the ground insulation to prevent current flow through the human body and the earth constitute a path between the human body caused by electric shock damage to the risk of electric shock to a minimum, because the electric current is the contact point Through the human body into the ground, it also prevents the test voltage range of the step-by-step voltage on the human body harm, so electrical operation not only to wear insulated gloves, but also wear insulated shoes.




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