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Common problems

Special industry uniform fabrics, what does[2016-09-05]
 Choose clothing fabrics are also different in different industries, there are some functional clothes are made to order, and it is not only capable of reacting overalls employe
How to choose the fabric of workwear?[2016-08-31]
1. Pure cotton yarn card: product density, introducing the organization pattern of the fabric, clear, sloping valley trenchant, cloth light said, quality is good, suitable for engineering jacket, Velcro suits, casual wear, bags, work gloves, etc. 2. Dacron khaki, have qualitative feeling feels than uniform cloth fabri
How to select workwear?[2016-08-30]
1. Engaged in chemical production workers or laboratory personnel in the corrosive substance workshop or laboratory work, in addition to wearing a thick tight sleeve corrosion protection work clothes, also should wear rubber apron, rubber their gloves, rubber tube overshoes.When necessary, should also wear a hat attach
Employees wear work clothes[2016-08-29]
Work clothes (ɡ not n ɡ zuofu) is needed for the work and tailor-made clothing. Uniform design should be based on customer requirements, combined with the feature of professional, team culture, age structure, shape characteristics, habits, etc., from the colors, fabrics, clothing, style, modelling, consider collocation
Properties of cloth?[2016-08-11]
Advantages: strong hygroscopicity, good dyeing properties, feel soft, comfortable, simple appearance, not easy to moth, strong and durable. Disadvantages: large shrinkage, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, clothing shape retention is poor, easy to mould, there will be a slight fade, not acid
Type of safety rope[2016-08-11]
1, ordinary safety rope, made of nylon etc.. 2, live working safety rope, material for the silk, moisture silk, Dinima, DuPont silk. 3, high strength materials for safety rope, Dinima, Du Bangsi, high. 4, special safety rope, such as fire safety rope materials for inner 4.3mm wire rope, preparation of fiber skin; ma
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