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Cloth weaving process

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For any type of loom will warp, weft yarns form a fabric, you need three sports.
(A) opening movement: will be divided into two layers of warp yarns to form the shed.
(B) weft insertion: the fabric weft direction transverse directed through the shed.
(C) introducing a new weft yarn into woven fabric has been formed called the mouth of the point.
These three sports are usually referred to as basic weaving movement, they must work in accordance with the established order, the exact time relationship between each other is very important, which will be described later.
For continuous weaving, two additional movements are necessary:
This campaign will be unwound from a warp knitting is called the axis of the bobbin with side down, in the desired amount and the constant tension woven into the warp zone: (d) warp control (or warp).
(E) fabric control (or coiling): The motion of the fabric at a fixed rate quote from the weaving area, so you can ensure the required spacing of the weft yarn, then fabric wound on rollers.
Strong shaft from unwinding yarn bypass the rear spar, drop wires and heald action forward through the stopping mechanism of heddles is to shed the warp sheet is formed separately. Then warp through the reed. Reed warp evenly distributed, is also responsible for promoting the weft shed left in the triangle to complete the beating, the shed is composed of two layers of warp yarns and reed composition. Weaving mouth, side stays firmly holding the fabric, which helps uniform fabric. Fabric and then bypass the breast beam and bristle rollers, and finally wound onto the cloth roll.

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