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The advantages of different work clothes material

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Different materials, in the production process and production requirements are different, different occasions, the dress is different, we have to introduce several different styles of different fabrics.
1 very cool type of fabric is very cool type of fabric line clear body sense, can form a full dress outline. Common cotton, polyester cotton cloth, corduroy, linen cloth and a variety of thick wool and chemical fiber fabric, the fabric can be used in design of outstanding costume modelling accuracy, such as suit, suit design.
2 soft type fabric soft type fabric is generally more light, good sense of hanging, sleek lines, the outline of the natural stretch of clothing. Soft fabrics include fabric structure of the evacuation of knitted fabrics and silk fabrics and soft thin yarn fabric, etc.. Soft knitting fabric in clothing design often used line succinct modelling reflect human body beautiful curve; silk, linen fabrics, such as many loose and pleat effect of shape, fabric line flow sense of performance.
3. Thick heavy fabrics thick heavy fabrics thick quite blow, can produce stable modelling effects, including all kinds of thick wool and quilting fabric. The fabric has the form sense of expansion, not too much by pleating and packing design with A type and H type are most appropriate for modeling.
4 transparent transparent fabric texture is thin and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect. Including cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabric, such as satin Georgette, silk, chemical fiber lace etc.. In order to express the transparency of the fabrics, the commonly used natural lines plump, type H and type design variable table.
5 shiny fabrics luster fabric surface smooth and can reflect light, with sparkling feeling. This kind of fabrics including Satin fabric. The most commonly used in the evening dress or stage performance service, produce a gorgeous dazzling strong visual effect. Luster fabric in the dress performance in the form of a wide range of freedom, can have a simple design or more exaggerated way of modeling.
6: wear comfortable cotton by hand is smooth but easy to pilling, generally do not often use this kind of cloth.

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