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Common problems

How to select workwear?

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1. Engaged in chemical production workers or laboratory personnel in the corrosive substance workshop or laboratory work, in addition to wearing a thick tight sleeve corrosion protection work clothes, also should wear rubber apron, rubber their gloves, rubber tube overshoes.When necessary, should also wear a hat attached to the outside world rubber work clothes.
2. Agricultural production workers in normal working outdoors, will be expected to wear black cloth or khaki work clothes.Forest workers should wear three tight clothes, neckline, cuffs, ankle should be tightened, to prevent pests.
3. Kitchen and food workers should wear white, behind buckle overalls, and denim to knee length, sleeve can fasten, and wear hats, masks, and to strengthen the cleanliness, preventing food contamination.
4. Mechanical workers often runs between machine, to avoid clothes foul by a machine, friction resistance is needed.Overalls to realistic tight, therefore, hem and cuffs, leg can be buckle up, and the material requirement is solid, wear-resisting, colour and lustre to more deeply.
5. If you work under the environment of high temperature, the contact heat radiation is big, therefore, under the condition of high temperature at work wear work clothes should try to use white or light color, thick and soft fabric.In addition, the work under the high temperature of sweat more, some people like body shirtless, this will cause thermal burns skin, make skin is hot and dry, reduce cooling function.Also easy to make the body hurt.So work under the high temperature not only should wear clothes, still should wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers, thicker and put on the gloves and face mask, upright protector etc.
6. Select work clothes except to choose according to nature of work, should also pay attention to the specialized clothing, overalls only wear used in workshop, don't bring home, back to germs in case or poison spread.Also should pay attention to keep clean and tidy, often clean, mended and ensure proper protective overalls.
7. The reasonable clothes and work clothes can help regulate body temperature, skin protection, waterproof, fire prevention, in order to achieve thermal radiation, gas, such as animal bite prevention purposes.Clothes and work clothes is reasonable, directly related to the human body health.
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