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Common problems

How to choose the fabric of workwear?

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1. Pure cotton yarn card: product density, introducing the organization pattern of the fabric, clear, sloping valley trenchant, cloth light said, quality is good, suitable for engineering jacket, Velcro suits, casual wear, bags, work gloves, etc.
2. Dacron khaki, have qualitative feeling feels than uniform cloth fabric, hang down feeling and the feeling is very strong, the strength and abrasion resistance are good, little shrinkage, made the product appearance is not easy to go out of form, and the price affordable, durable performance is good.
3. Pure cotton canvas, is a kind of relatively thick woven fabric, high density, feel is thick, textured clear, fast wear-resisting, is a good jacket material.
4. Poplin: all kinds of poplin fabric have cloth clean level off, the quality of a material is meticulous, grain full, glossy jade-like stone embellish is soft, soft slippery waxy characteristics, as the summer wear overalls hand selected materials.
5. Dust-proof anti-static: this kind of fabric strong wear resistance, soft and comfortable, wet absorption, can be processed into a variety of high-grade anti-static cotton overalls, suitable for storage and transportation, chemical, gas, oil, coal, shipping, aerospace, military industry and other inflammable and explosive environment.
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