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Insulated safety shoes(1)

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Can only be used as auxiliary safety equipment
  According to the pressure range of 20kV, 6kV and 5kV several kinds of insulated shoes, the use of the scope of work to be selected. Insulation shoes should always be inspected and maintained, such as damp or serious wear, can not play a protective role
(1) * Rubber synthetic soles
·(2) India buffalo leather to help face, tough durable, water and oil
(3) * Pigskin lining, wear-resistant breathable EVA insole, sweat and breathable
(4) · Anti-smashing insulation (6-10kv)
Products meet the standards:
Anti-smashing standards: LD50-1994? AN-I level
Electrical insulation standards: GB12011-2000
1, This product is electrical safety shoes for 10 kV The following high-voltage electrical work on the acid shouting oil has a protective effect, can also be used as other types of safety protection products, the product according to GB12011-2000 national insulation standards.
2, the product in the wear process, should avoid sharps objects, once the sharp objects piercing the insulating bottom or soles slip pattern that is no longer with insulation.
3, the insulation performance of the product standards: 1KVIS speed voltage from zero to 6KV voltage of 75%, and then to 100VIS speed up to 6KV should be maintained 1min should be accurate to 0.1mA. Product liability if the company failed to replace.
4, wear insulated shoes should avoid contact with sharp, is strictly prohibited in the soles nails, iron in order to prevent insulation performance degradation, wear with a period of time should be done after the preventive electrical insulation test to ensure safety.
5, for electrical, telecommunications, electrical and other industries operating protection. The number of products not limited to production Packing 10 pairs / box
6, size: 35-45

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