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Insulated safety shoes(2)

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       1. Insulation shoes suitable for AC 50Hz, 1000V or less 1500V DC power equipment work, as auxiliary safety equipment and labor protective equipment to wear. The use of insulated shoes, with the basic appliances can touch the live parts, and can be used to protect the stepping voltage caused by clicks. Step voltage is: electrical equipment ground, the ground potential gradient 0.8M between the two directions Potential difference.
2. Note that the product is not damp, damp after the use of prohibited, once damp, ventilated and cool place on the natural air-dried, so as to avoid deformation of damaged shoes. Soles are foreign body piercing, can not be used to make insulated shoes.
3. Note leather shoes leather maintenance, ground shoe polish. Wipe the way is: first with a clean soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of shoes, and then squeeze the shoeshine cloth evenly coated in the upper, wait a moment (shoe polish slightly dry) after wiping.
4. Insulation shoes should not be worn in the rain, but not washed, or prone to disconnection, degumming, bleaching, pan-salt cream and so on.
5. Insulating shoes can not be in contact with oil, acid, alkaline and sharp substances, etc., to prevent corrosion, deformation, damage.
6. Color shoes (including white) in the wear, in particular, should pay attention to, can not run into sewage, dirt, tea stains, cola, etc., otherwise it will leave stains, leather shoes damaged.
7. Shoes after wearing a slight fold, a slight deformation phenomena such as normal.
8. Insulation shoes by the wet or sweat after the case, prone to pan-salt phenomenon. Such as the phenomenon of pan-salt cream, gauze or cotton can be a small amount of warm water, wipe the upper white salt cream, put the ventilated place to dry, and then wipe with shoe polish, repeated several times to restore the status quo ante. So to keep the shoes dry.
9. Insulating shoes should be kept clean, dry, and good shoe polish, natural flat: storage period of time (especially the rainy season) should always make the shoes cool and dry ventilation, and re-polish shoe polish to prevent mildew.

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