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Industry dynamic

The core elements of the work order to master

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New years weather, but also to the work of clothing production peak season, for Xian clothing manufacturers, production peak season should strengthen personnels knowledge theory and production standards, in order to avoid making errors in the process, in the production process should pay attention to the following aspects:
First; in the beginning of the work service to make a careful check whether the manufacturers to make custom, this is the premise of quality assurance.
Second; in the determination of the manufacturers to make custom, to determine the quality of inspection of the factory to meet our requirements.
Third; according to their own needs to be tailored to the work of the design of the factory to design a preliminary working dress layout.
Fourth; according to the fabric, with overalls made price matters, signed the contract.
Fifth; after the signing of the contract, the formal work dress custom design.
Sixth; look at the work clothes made to order the fabric, after the inspection and then under a single production.
Seventh; check and acceptance work clothes are qualified.
Good work clothes, not only for your business to pull more orders, but also for you with a good corporate image, how do you, the work service to make it, hurry up and get it!

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