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Washing instructions and correct washing methods of work clothes

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The washing method of different fabrics is very different, and must be separated. And our clothing will be equipped with washing instructions, to remind us of the way of washing clothes and note.
And now on the market there are still a problem we often discussed, namely work clothes styles to identify the washing conditions and domestic product standards provisions often inconsistent, and market monitoring by way of washing general according to the standard of the products and not the clothes, the washing label, a lot of clothes washing label requirements of washing conditions and lower, so many producers will complain that the test conditions are too stringent. In fact, product standards are used for quality monitoring, as foreign buyers standards are also used to ensure the quality of the procurement, and the washing label is for consumers to use the reference, the two are not contradictory. If producers feel nursing condition of the subject of the lower to their more favorable, that would be a big mistake, which cannot and will not escape from responsibility to ensure that the quality of the products, should be in line with the customer service attitude, as far as possible to provide consumers with applicable instructions.
So what is the correct way to wash clothes?
The nylon fabric in cold water soak for 15 minutes, and then use the general detergent. Washing liquid temperature should not exceed 40. Hang out after washing a cool dry out, do not exposure. The hemp fiber hardened, poor cohesion. When washing, the strength should be lighter than cotton fabric, avoid the use of hard scrub brush and scrub, avoid fabric pilling. After washing not wring, colored fabrics do not use hot water, not in the strong sunlight, so as not to fade. Acrylic fabric and polyester fabric washing similar. First soaked in warm water for 15 minutes, and then wash with low alkaline detergent, to gently rub, gently rub. Thick fabric wash with a soft brush, finally dehydrated or wring the water gently. The pure acrylic fabric can be dry, but the blended fabric should be dried in the shade.
Polyester fabric security service first soaked in cold water for 15 minutes, and then use the general synthetic detergent, washing liquid temperature should not be more than 45. Such as the collar and cuffs of the dirty parts available scrub brush. After 

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